March 23, 2014

Events Calendar

Note: Many of the community car club events on this calendar are not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Civitan Car Club Las Vegas.  This calendar is provided as a community service to car enthusiasts.  Please verify all event information on your own. By using the information provided on this calendar you agree to hold Civitan Car Club Las Vegas harmless for any inaccuracies. To find events associated with or sponsored by Civitan Car Club Las Vegas, use the “tags” drop down above the calendar and select “civitan”.  If you have events that you would like listed on this calendar, please add your event using the “Post Your Event” link at the top of the calendar.  To add your calendar feed to the list of events, use the “Add Your Feed” link at the top of the calendar.  If you would like these events listed in your calendar, subscribe using the feed icons at the bottom of the calendar.